Search Tips

TalkMiner's text search should be fairly familiar to anyone who's spent any time using web search engines, but here's a few advanced tips:

Searches are "and" searches. This means that all of the search terms you enter will appear somewhere in the each returned talk. That is, if you enter the search terms green and monster (link) the talks in the search result will all contain those two words, but not necessarily in that order.
To perform a phrase search, enclose your phrase in quotes.
For instance, the search for "green monster" (link) will only return talks containing the complete phrase "green monster".
You can perform a wildcard search by using one or more asterisks.
For instance, a search for lumin* (link) will return talks containing any words that start with "lumin" - such as: luminosity, luminance, etc...
Search Fields
You can narrow your search to apply to only to a specific field by prefacing your search word or phrase with the field name and a colon. Available field qualifiers are title:, description:, text: (slides), and author: (channel).
For instance, to find talks including "carbon" in the title, specify the search title:carbon (link) or to search for talks including the phrase "cloud services" in the abstract or description text specify description:"cloud services" (example), "text:" to search only the slides (example), and "author:" to search only within the channel list (example).
You might also check the FAQ.