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Bayesian Networks and Probability     From YouTube
University of Regina professor, Cory Butz describes how his research on Bayesian networks applies to a common problem faced by frustrated internet users.
Duration: 2:19   # Slides: 7  
Channel: Adriana3188   Published: 2009/08/28   Added: 2012/11/14  

Screencasting: A New Form of Communications, Pt. 2     From YouTube
Scott Skibell, http://skillcasting.com, walks you through the emerging field of screencasting, offering suggestions on how you can leverage this powerful tool personally and professionally.
Duration: 8:32   # Slides: 13  
Channel: ScreenFlowTube   Published: 2009/12/22   Added: 2012/10/08  

Audio Ducking and Audio Detach     From YouTube
See the powerful new audio features of ScreenFlow 2.0 - audio ducking and audio separation
Duration: 1:22   # Slides: 6  
Channel: ScreenFlowTube   Published: 2009/12/22   Added: 2012/10/08  

Neural Networks Lesson 1: Single-Layer Perceptrons     From YouTube
http://xoax.net/ This neural networks video lesson demonstrates how a single-layer perceptron works, is programmed, and can be used to analyze data. Please submit all questions to our forum: http://xoax.net/forum/
Duration: 4:19   # Slides: 20  
Channel: xoaxdotnet   Published: 2009/03/04   Added: 2012/02/16  

27. Interspecific Competition     From YouTube
Principles of Evolution,...was recorded in Spring 2009.
Duration: 39:53   # Slides: 69  
Channel: YaleCourses   Published: 2009/09/01   Added: 2011/12/20  

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