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New Stanford residential program focuses on the arts     From YouTube
Duration: 3:22   # Slides: 6  
Channel: StanfordUniversity   Published: 2014/05/27   Added: 2014/05/27  

2014 Amy J. Blue Awards Ceremony     From YouTube
Duration: 2:01   # Slides: 5  
Channel: StanfordUniversity   Published: 2014/05/23   Added: 2014/05/23  

Stanford engineer invents safe way to transfer energy to medical chips in the body     From YouTube
Electrical engineer Ada Poon has invented a way to wirelessly transfer power deep inside the body. The technology could provide a path toward new medical devices.
Duration: 3:17   # Slides: 8  
Channel: StanfordUniversity   Published: 2014/05/16   Added: 2014/05/16  

Dr. Jill Helms, Beauty Reconsidered     From YouTube
Jill Helms', Professor of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, research focuses on how to reduce scaring in order to improve healing results. Later on she reminds us that "beauty isn't defined by our faces alone, it's defined by compassion, warmth, kindness...internal beauty"
Duration: 6:41   # Slides: 7  
Channel: StanfordUniversity   Published: 2014/05/13   Added: 2014/05/13  

Continued Conversation with Professor Margot Gerritsen, Algebra is Beautiful     From YouTube
Algebra is beautiful. Professor Gerritsen discusses the hundreds of applications of mathematics and how it is used to change the world -renewable energy, cures for cancer, even using mathematics and computer simulation to design a flying pterodactyl.
Duration: 8:22   # Slides: 10  
Channel: StanfordUniversity   Published: 2014/05/13   Added: 2014/05/13  

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