Are there any advanced search options?
Please check out the search tips page.

How do I get a video or group of videos added to the index?
Drop us a note at the contact page.

Sometimes I click on a keyframe and the player doesn't seek correctly. What's up with that?
Some videos need to buffer before they can seek correctly. In particular videos hosted at UCB have this property, while videos from YouTube do not. Also some videos have been created with iframes that occur only every few seconds. This means that even when the video is buffered, it doesn't seek completely accurately since the video player will only seek to the nearest iframe.

Why don't you include feature <X>?
Let us know about it on the contact page.

Why does my search return no results? I'm sure the word I'm searching for is contained on the slides.
Unfortunately the optical character recognition process is still somewhat error prone. Some words will not be correctly recognized.

Why isn't my question in this FAQ?
That's hard to know if you don't ask your question. Please contact us and ask.